Worshippers of Talor

Knowledge Level: 
5 - Common knowledge, anyone who has seen something of Heimr knows this.

Worshippers of the deity Talor are varied and common. Most worshippers are human.


The religion among the human priests of Talor is a fairly straightforward one. Humans give their god energy trough a human priest, who asks the god to turn that energy into a helping force. "Please accept this newborn in your care.", "Please help this couple remain strong in their love.", "Please watch over our village in these times of need", "Please accept this soul into your eternal kingdom.". Apart from these ceremonies, the church of Talor is pretty dormant. They don't hold weekly sermons or masses, having enough work (and therefore payment) from these ceremonies. The priests ask payment in return for their rituals to eat and maintain the church building. Stone churches are often found in cities but wooden churches are more common in villages. Some of the poorer or smaller villages only have an altar and no priest to perform rituals, ceremonies are then usually conducted by the priest in the next village. This is a form of standard worship.


Halflings in search of wisdom and knowledge for their studies and tinkering often turn to Talor, their creator. These masses often include the summoning of an owl to tell them the knowledge they seek. Mass induced, or individual visions are also not uncommon. This is a form of higher worship.

Lore keepers:

Lore keepers have initiation rituals containing owl and swearing an oath to write nothing but the truth in "Truth", if this oath is broken on purpose lorekeepers face terrible punishments after death. the lorekeepers high council speaks with Talor himself once every ten years. This is a form of situational worship.

Air mages:

Air mages usually ask priests of Talor to ask Talor their blessing and guidance during their studies of the arcane arts. This much resembles the gnome way of worshipping Talor, although it happens more often and rarely features an owl. This is a form of situational worship.

Evil Worshippers

Evil cult worshippers of Talor are not uncommon, although far more rare than normal worshippers. Although such worship is not illegal in Midgard, the acts the cult does often are, therefore the cult is usually a secret. However, information about the cult is widespread and easily available. For every four normal priests of Talor one can find at least one open cult priest of Talor, these priests are closely watched by the guards but are rarely caught red-handed in the act of something illegal. The cult usually accepts any and all races but most of the members are human. Their is only one cult of Talor and it centralizes all cult activity. They even have one cult headquarters placed in the largest cave within the tunnels system called "tunnel of death trolls", some people believe this cave contains a secret tunnel linked to the Cave of Truth. Sometimes somebody tries to form his or her own cult of Talor but this is usually swiftly dealt with, either absorbed in the large cult, or murdered, sometimes by air elementals, summoned by the main cult. The cult promises a quick path to knowledge, wisdom and especially other people their secrets. This is a form of cult worship.