Re: Primordial Magic

Examples of things mages do

Primordial mages do the following things with the help of rote spells (automatons):

  • Cast offensive destructive spells (basically changing matter into other matter... which is destructive in nature by it's very definition).
  • Bend space both permanently and temporarily.
  • Create matter from the air around them. Matter cannot be created in a vacuum.
  • Move things into the fourth spatial dimension.
  • Create primordial flow ripple stabilizer towers.

Examples of rote battle effects

Primordial mages tend to use the following changes of matter to create offensive spells during combat.

  • Hit touch => The mage touches the enemy and directly changes the atoms of the enemy.
  • Hit ranged (conduit)
  • Hit ranged beam=>
  • Hit area =>

This list should be expanded. TODO

Arcane vs Elemental

In de metafysica van VA is Arcane een ietwat beladen term. Elemental magic is een betere omschrijving.

Noted. Goed punt. Neem ik

Noted. Goed punt. Neem ik mee.