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'''With bow in hand, ours is a vengeance rained down from afar, we are death upon the wind."

'''With the thunder of hooves and the turning of our steel-shod wheels, we are death upon the wind.'''

'''With tall spears held to our foe's throat, cold fury guiding our aim, we are death upon the wind.''''''

''-From the Elven Hymn if Battle''''

As you step across the borders of Asgard, a sense of peace and well-being envelopes you. A beautiful woman with elfish features lightly treads towards you from a cove of trees. She inclines her head.

“Welcome to Asgard, traveler. A land of magic and elemental beauty unsurpassed in all the worlds you will most likely ever come to behold. I hope the purpose of your visit is peaceful. Do not seek to defile these lands with barbaric actions nor bloodshed that is uncalled for. We deal with such in a swift and clean manner.”

“Ah, you wish to learn more of these lands before you proceed? That is a wise course of action. Asgard is ruled by the royal house of De Dannan. A bloodline of equal parts elfish and fae heritage, carefully kept equal as to maintain the balance. Thus it has been for thousands of years. Thus we have overcome chaos.” The woman sounds as though reciting a lesson she had heard endlessly throughout her lifetime. Just a hint of fanaticism tinting her voice.

“Our capital is Dearaldia. It’s beauty indescribable. You simply must visit it. It is a day’s Journey from here. Would you like a map? They are one copper for the simpler, crude version, for a silver, you can buy the illustrated colored version. It is far superior do you not agree.”

“Enjoy your stay, as I am sure you will. Remember to act in a civilized manner. ”

''- courtesy to Laura Endert''

The Lands of Asgard

Haughty and noble, the Asgardian realm is home to some of the true old races of the world. They are the Faeriekind; Tall and austre - fair of face, but fierce of spirit. Theirs is a tale of determining warfare when Elf fought Fae in a bitter civil war that only ended with the return of their True King and Queen.

The land of Asgard is where Elf, Fae and various other magical races make their home, a verdant land of soaring mountain peaks and mysterious forests. It is a enchanting land - for faeriekind are at one with the ancient art of sorcery - wreathed in protective wards and sigils and guarded by armies that are ever watchful. For all their power and majesty, though, Asgard is in decline. It's glory days are but a faded memory, tinged by remembered betrayal of the thrice-cursed former ruler? their notorious 'Thief King'.