Re: Gnome

There are quite a few weird things in this bit of lore;

'They diviate from Asgard as they they sometimes tend to choose beauty of comfort and Utgard because they don't have the crafting skills or need for comfort'

What does that mean? Do they prefer comfort more? Do they not like comfort? Are they bad crafters?

As a whole, the gnomes have little to no inter-racial feeling of honour or respect.

What do you mean by inter radcial feeling of honour or respect? That they don't respect other gnomes? That implies that they would not create settlements lightly.

Gnome culture is driven by effectiveness rather than efficiency, however they tend to choose for quantity over quality

How would that combine with effectiveness? I currently imagine that fellroot is mostly made of stone with only parts of wood, as it would be more effective (and not, as one would imagine near a big ass forrest, made of wood, which would be more efficient). Looking at the second sentence, this would be weird again.

The shape of the head is slightly sharper.

This is not do-able in a larp.

childish So they bitch and moan when they have to go to bed and are prone to petty revenge?

Re: Gnome

Bedankt aan Joost voor wat verbeteringen.