Re: Line of time

Old line of time (deprecated)

Age of the gods

  • 6154 B.T. To 5982 B.T. The events in genesis?.

    Creation of the primary races.

  • 5983 B.T. - Small living things are created, insects, mammels, birds, fish and plants to support the coming mortals.
  • 5964 B.T. - Humanoid living things are created, still variable and chaotic.
  • 5844 B.T. - The five primary gods define the primary races. Tellurian, Fae, Orc, Human and Merfolk, living in harmony and far away from each other.

    Creation of the secondary races.

  • 5843 B.T. - Danu, fire, defines magic, splitting her race, the Fae, in two, Danu creates the Elf.
  • 5843 B.T. - Gataur, earth, defines might, splitting his race, the Tellurians, in two, Gataur creates the Halfling.
  • 5843 B.T. - Talor, air, defines knowledge, splitting his race, the humans, in two, Talor creates the Gnome.
  • 5843 B.T. - Ratish, moral (light, and darkness), defines cunning, splitting his race, the orcs, in two, Ratish creates the Ogres.
  • 5843 B.T. - Januri, water, defines love, splitting her race, the merefolk, in two, Januri creates the Nymph.

    Creation of the tertiary races.

  • 5842 B.T. - Uastra the first elf, defines nature, splitting her race, the Elven, in two, Uastra creates the Shanata.
  • 5842 B.T. - Ganinisum the first gnome, defines joy, splitting his race, the Gnomes, in two, Ganinisum creates the Feyfolk.
  • 5842 B.T. - Wana the first ogre, defines brutality, splitting her race, the Ogres, in two, Wana creates the Troll.
  • 5842 B.T. - Ranimsul the first halfing, defines caution, splitting his race, the Halfling, in two, Ranimsul creates the Lizardman.
  • 5842 B.T. - Vanessa the first nymph, defines indulgence, splitting her race, the Nympf, in two, Vanessa creates the Slemmering.
  • 5841 B.T. - Tertiary gods are fullgrown and wish to create their own races. The primary gods forbid them, claiming balance would be difficult to uphold.

    Gods walk among mortals

  • 5841 B.T. First mortals begin to die. The gods harvest their souls.
  • 5841 B.T. First children are born. The gods give them souls.
  • 5838 B.T. Relationships and conflicts between the gods crystallize, the lures are created.
  • 5832 B.T. Sin rebels against the other gods, creating the giants? as a Quaternary race.
  • 5831 B.T. Sin his rebellion is subdued by the other gods, giants are demoted to demons and stripped of their soul and free will.
  • 5829 B.T. Most gods begin the construction of their divine realms as their home. Divine realms are still part of Heimr at this point.
  • 5828 B.T. Conflicts arise between the races and their respective gods. Some of these conflicts lead to bloodshed and in rare cases the destruction of prime servitars. Some of these conflicts are more verbal in nature. Some of these conflicts are actually sparked by the gods themselves as a form of training.
  • 5816 B.T. All the conflicts slowly stop or are subdued.
  • 5813 B.T. The last divine realms is finished.
  • 5810 B.T. Gods begin the construction of limbo.
  • 5803 B.T. Limbo is finished, one by one the gods leave Heimr and take their divine realms with them.

    First age of mortals

Effects of the gods leaving

  • 5794 B.T. The creation of the shaman culture and way of life by the orcs.
  • 5602 B.T. Some troll tribes start practising ancestral worship, its spreads slowly among the tribes.
  • 5598 B.T. Elves create the kingdom of Aesir.
  • 5358 B.T. Fae create the kingdom of Sidhe.
  • 5233 B.T. Januri Summons her arch-demon and threatens the kingdom of Sidhe and the fae race as a whole. Danu however stops her.

    The races meet

  • 3438 B.T. Some trolls start to slowly leave the islands.
  • 3422 B.T. The races start to meet each other. First contact between te races.
  • 3375 B.T. The Tellurians spark the first war. Trying to force the trolls to drop their ancestral worship religion. The spirit war starts.
  • 3276 B.T. First skirmish conflicts between Feyfolk and the Shanata. These conflicts are still raging till this very day.
  • 3232 B.T. First Fae uses magic. The ripples of the first primordial spell are felt throughout all of heimr.
  • 3173 B.T. Seven Fae brothers and sisters define the Sidhe Caste system.
  • 2999 B.T. Slemmering try and create a kingdom of their own. The attempt fails.
  • 2854 B.T. Cavador become the dominant species on the planes of Midgard.
  • 2790 B.T. The Orcs and Fae meet. War is sparked almost instantly.
  • 2670 B.T. The Orcs and Fae meet the humans during their conflict. Humans lands are occupied and used as staging grounds to launch assaults against the enemy. The humans resist and allot of small conflicts arise.
  • 2476 B.T. The gnomes start to leave the forests.
  • 1523 B.T. Aesir adopts the Sidhe Caste system. To date, it would change very little.
  • 1348 B.T. First sight of Renders in Midgard.
  • 1259 B.T. After more than two thousand years the Tellurians stop fighting the trolls and the first war comes to an end.
  • 946 B.T. Renders start to evolve faster than other creatures.
  • 555 B.T. First sight of Renders eating each other when weakly evolved.
  • 365 B.T. Hostilities between the Tellurians and the Elves, resulting in back and forth military strikes between Tellurian and elven lands.
  • 352 B.T. Shamanism becomes mainstream in the orc culture. Tellurians wish to wage war with them as they did with the trolls however their resources are stretched thin allready.

    Age of the kingdoms

  • 16 B.T. The Silent Alliance of Axes. Through deceit, the orcs of the area that is now called the "Caldera Wasteland" turn their attentions from the stationary Tellurians in the south to mobile elven war parties coming from the north. Many mark this point in history as the formation of the Utgardian alliance.
  • 14 B.T. The Fae try and capture the Ogres trough magic, turning them into slaves, robbing them of their savage nature. The Fae thinks they are helping the Ogres in this way.
  • 12 B.T. Founding of Ul Targash and Midgard. Open "total" war between the kingdom of Aesir and Sidhe against the orcs and Tellurians, Midgard claims neutrality.
  • 11 B.T. Founding of the Ul-Targash Weapon crafters Guild. Midgard starts selling weapons.
  • 5 B.T. Regan stonecold tries to establish order by founding the guard and military of Midgard.
  • 2 B.T. Founding of the Ul-Targash Bank.
  • 0 B.T. - A.T. - The monestary of Truth is build, Talor grants the Lorekeepers his words of wisdom, Cave of truth found, Regan Stonecold is killed, bank becomes highest power in Midgard and grabs control.
  • 1 A.T. Midgardian laws are changed to reflect current economy set up. The bank of Midgard allows other races into Midgard. Gnomes and Halflings flow to the Midgardian riches.
  • 2 A.T. "L'La Smoclew" is open.
  • 3 A.T. The market of Midgard is called "L'La Slles" in honour of "L'La Smoclew". Gnomes laugh.
  • 3 A.T. The Ogres free most of their Ogre brothers from the hands of the Fae.
  • 5 A.T. First carnival of the Small is held in Ul-Targash
  • 19 A.T. Founding of the Ul-Targash Farmers and Mercenary guild.
  • 34 A.T. Hostilities between trolls and Elves.
  • 56 A.T. Burton opens Bathing house in Ul-Targash.
  • 103 A.T. Founding of the Ul-Targash Beggars guild.
  • 111 A.T. Founding of the Ul-Targash Assasins guild.
  • 114 A.T. Founding of the Ul-Targash Thiefs guild.
  • 117 A.T. Founding of the Ul-Targash Bird Handlers house.
  • 120 A.T. Elves burn down the troll capital Bregtahlem.
  • 123 A.T. Founding of the Ul-Targash Runners guild.
  • 140 A.T. Truth becomes to big, Ul-Targash Library of truth is build.
  • 163 A.T. The Ul-Targash Holy square is build.
  • 339 A.T. Ul-Targash floods the tunnel of Dead trolls.
  • 474 A.T. Founding of the Ul-Targash Toby's war machine factory.
  • 789 A.T. Founding of the Midgard high-guard.
  • 988 A.T. 1000 years of Ul-Targash. Bank builds Arena in honor.
  • 1000 A.T. 1000 years Truth. First Festival of Truth.
  • 1020 A.T. Fae start building the great trading portal.
  • 1022 A.T. Gnome wage war against long ear forest.

    Age of the portal

  • 1023 A.T. The great portal is finished.
  • 1024 A.T. All races are permitted entry into Midgard freely.
  • 1039 A.T. Founding of the Ul-Targash Mage guild.
  • 1039 A.T. Gnome stop war against long ear forest, after reclaiming their holy birthplace.
  • 1259 A.T. Halfling reclaim their holy birthplace in the holy hills of the Render lands.
  • 1364 A.T. Fae race tries to summon the Arch-demon of Danu to destroy the orc race, this fails and the Caldera Wasteland is the result.
  • 1789 A.T. Creation of the great watchtower of Ul-Targash.
  • 2338 A.T. Spiritual and cultural revolution of Utgard.
  • 2339 A.T. Aesir and Sidhe join forces, Founding of Asgard. The Ogres, Trolls and Orcs join forces with Utgard. Communication with the Lizardmen fails, they do not become a part of Utgard. Very slowly the Trolls and Ogres start to join Utgard, tribe by tribe, this process is still going on to this day.
  • 2340 A.T. The Council of Six is formed.
  • 2343 A.T. The lizardman leave the mainland of Heimr.
  • 2344 A.T. Lizardman wage war against the merfolk on various islands.
  • 2347 A.T. The orcs abandon the Caldera Wasteland, save for a couple of outposts. Majority of Orcish race performs exodus towards Forgorian.
  • 2398 A.T. Lizardman stop waging war against the merfolk, making due with the islands they have conquered.
  • 2421 A.T. Mush are released by Ul-Targash mages guild.
  • 2492 A.T. Ul-Targash assasins guild is turned into musea. Founding of the Ul-Targash Tailors guild.
  • 2521 A.T. Anton Undain takes control of Midgard.
  • 2556 A.T. Aug. The portal rips.

    Time of the Vortex

  • 2557 A.T. Feb. -Sumdag 1007- First time living creatures enter the Vortex willingly.
  • 2557 A.T. May -Moots I 1007- Both Asgard and Utgard sent a scouting party. No casualties. Both Asgard and Utgard gain a stabel foothold on the Vortex and people join factions.
  • 2557 A.T. June. Vortexians start to slowly arive on Heimr.
  • 2557 A.T. July. - Summoning 1007- Utgard sends large force to help rebuild Vortex and for personal reasons. Utgard gains a larger foothold on the Vortex than Asgard but at the expense of Oni Nightwind. Leon/Abraxis have joined the side of Utgard.
  • 2558 A.T. Feb. - Sumdag 1008 - Coppercrew members first enter the Vortex.
  • 2558 A.T. May. - Outbreak of the plague.
  • 2558 A.T. Aug. - Midgard declares war at Ul-Targash, source of the plague.
  • 2558 A.T. Nov. - Midgard lifts it's war with Ul-Targash after a season of war with the city. Ul-Targash still stands and becomes a ghost-city.
  • 2560 A.T. February - Sumdag 1010 - After two years only remnants of the Coppercrew are still active in Vortexian society but Vorgard is strengthening its connections with the Vortex trading guild greatly.
  • 2560 A.T. May - Moots 1 1010 - A small group of ogres enters Vortexian society.
  • 2560 A.T. Augustus - Summoning 1010 - The ogres that travel to the Vortex swell in numbers.
  • 2560 A.T. Oktober - Moots II 1010 - A large number of Ogres do not return from the Vortex.
  • 2561 A.T. May - Moots I 1011 - A small number of individuals travel to the Vortex. Two casualties. A troll and a worshipper of Sin.

Re: Line of time

Things we agreed on at the lore evening:

Line of time

  • Age of "creation" moet toegevoegd worden en moet niet echt een tijd hebben.
  • Age of gods moet langer zijn (en moet wat langer)
  • Age of kingdoms => age of alliance
  • Caldera wastelands => veel eerder
  • Spirtual revolutions => veel eerder

Re: Line of time

This is how it stands now, but I do believe we have the order of things a bit messed up:

  1. I think it would be better to push the Spiritual revolution back a bit. Animism has reigned for far to long in my opinion and I think the gods should act sooner.
  2. I think the "First age of mortals" needs to be split in about 4-5 interesting ages.
  3. "Age of the kingdoms" needs to be renamed.

I think this is the perfect topic for tonight.

Age of the gods== 6154 B.T. - 5803 B.T. (351 years)

Within this Age the gods still walked the surface of Heimr openly and the divine realms dind't exist yet. (The "home bases" of the gods where simply placed on the surface of Heimr).

In this age the 5 gods create Heimr and the 15 races (plus the other 10 gods). They battle/have conflict with their creations, and eventually build limbo and the divine realms to leave Heimr.

First age of mortals== 5803 B.T. - 16 B.T. (5787 years)

In this age the mortals cope with the disappearance of the gods and slowly start to meet each other. Conflict breaks out between the races.

The races start to drift from their starting positions and meet each other.

The exodus and splitting of the halflings happens in this age.

Animistic religions start to form in this age to fill the void that the gods left.

Some races go trough serious crisis of faith and conflicts between races and between the same members of races break out over this.

Not allot else happens in this age. This age probably needs to be split up in different ages and these ages need allot more content.

The last of these ages should end with "The Silent Alliance of Axes" as this marks the beginning of the age of kingdoms.

Age of the kingdoms== 16 B.T. - 1023 A.T. (1039 years)

This is the age that interracial alliances really start to flourish and the three "main camps" Asgard Kingdom, Midgard State and Utgard alliance prop up and start to form.

The name of this age needs to chance, since Midgard and Utgard are no longer "kingdoms".

This age ends with the opening of the great trading portal between Asgard and Midgard and between Midgard and Southern Heimr since this marks the beginning of the Age of the Portal

Age of the Portal== 1023 A.T. - 2556 A.T. (1533 years)

The Caldera wasteland is formed.

In this age Asgard Midgard and the Utgard alliance form to their current states

The southern gods have furiously returned with the spiritual revolution, driving the animistic religions to the background.

The lizardmen leave the Heimr mainland.

This age ends when the great trading portal is destroyed and the way to the Vortex is opened in the middle of Midgard.

Time of the Vortex== (2556 A.T. - NOW) (6 years at the time of writing.)

The only "big" thing that happened in this time was the fact that the Vortex was discovered and the "Vortexian plague" that hit Midgard, destroying Ul-Targash.

Re: Line of time

Ik heb de volgende jaartallen verwijderd:

  • 2025 A.T. Trejah Dé Danann, later to become known as Trejah Fae is born
  • 2033 A.T. Twig is Born
  • 2054 A.T. Twig, age 21, starts his long slumber, not to wake up for hundreds of years.
  • 2111 A.T. Magni Stormhammer is born.
  • 2249 A.T. Magni becomes commander of a platoon of Dwarven Ironbreakers.
  • 2289 A.T. Elrohir Felagund is born.
  • 2310 A.T. Magni Stormhammer gains the rank of MountainKing, a militairy leader of dwarves.
  • 2344 A.T. Eol Fealas is born.
  • 2359 A.T. Daena Dé Danann is born. Elrohir Felagund meets Daena Dé Danann and becomes her guardian
  • 2449 A.T. Daena Dé Danann starts ritual training.
  • 2477 A.T. Leon is born
  • 2485 A.T. Leon becomes Abraxis' puppet
  • 2504 A.T. Sisilaya Hato Vulmecura (Sisi) is born.
  • 2523 A.T. Britan Broms is born.
  • 2530 A.T. Eol Fealas promotes to general.
  • 2532 A.T. Nomis is born.
  • 2535 A.T. Geo is born.
  • 2536 A.T. Oni Nightwind is born, Faelwen Dé Danann is born (and adopted by Daena Dé Danann).
  • 2538 A.T. Nomis his parents die. Reinhardt is born.
  • 2543 A.T. Britan Broms loses his memory. Geo flees from Midgard to the Wetlands after Mei is killed.
  • 2544 A.T. Britan Broms starts writhing for Truth.
  • 2547 A.T. Nomis is trown out of Midgard and sneaks in again.
  • 2551 A.T. Geo settles himself in Utgard after it is shown to him by Magni.
  • 2552 A.T. Reinhardt begins high guard training.
  • 2554 A.T. Reinhardt quits the high guards.
  • 2554 A.T. Twig wakes from his deep slumber.
  • 2556 A.T. Elrohir Takes over his fathers Job becoming General of the Fae Side of the Asgard Royal Army.

Dit gaat slechts over individuele personages. Misschien willen we hier een andere line of time van maken later. Maar nu lijkt het me niet iets wat we in de officiële line of time willen hebben.

Re: Line of time

Het lijkt erop dat er een inconsistentie zit in de tijdslijn. Ik zie namelijk de volgende twee entries: //16 B.T. The Silent Alliance of Axes. Through deceit, the orcs of the Needle Desert turn their attentions from the stationairy Tellurians in the south to mobile elven war parties coming from the north. Many mark this point in history as the formation of the Utgardian alliance.

1364 A.T. Fae race tries to summon the Arch-demon of Danu to destroy the orc race, this fails and the needle desert is the result.//

Als in 1364 AT de Needle Desert ontstaat, dan kan er in 16 BT niet een groep Orcs uit de Needle Desert komen.

Re: Line of time

Dit klopt. We hebben nog geen naam voor de Needle desert, voordat het de Needle desert hete.... goed gezien.