Safety is one of the most important things to consider for live roleplaying events. Since there are a multitude of dangers involved, there are several rules covering safety during an event.


First and foremost, follow any directions given to you by a game master. They have the final say concerning the safety at an event. Ignoring any safety instructions from a Game Master may lead to your removal from an event. Apart from that, try to use common sense when confronted with dangerous situations. When in doubt, try to choose the safest option. Finally, whenever any party indicates they do not want to continue, you should stop whatever you are doing and check to make sure everyone is fine.

Physical Contact

Live roleplaying is a game that usually involves a certain level of physical contact. For example, combat involves fighting and hitting with mock weaponry. Therefore, light physical contact is always allowed as long as it is appropriate. You should be aware other players can also initiate this contact at any moment, including when you do not expect it.

Other than the afore mentioned light contact, other things are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, grabbing someone, wrestling and .pulling or pushing. Should you agree with someone before combat starts you are allowed to take things further.

You should never actually bind someone's legs, hands or other body parts. Instead, place something over the body part you want to bind and state to the person you have bound that he is bound.

Safety Calls

There are two safety-related calls that you should know by heart. These are Man Down and No Play.

You should call Man Down if you or another player require immediate medical attention. When this happens the game is stopped so that medical personnel can attend the injured player. If you are near the injured player you should keep shouting Man down! and wave your arm until medical personnel knows where to go.

If you hear somebody call Man down! you should stop playing and sit down. Do not repeat the man down call otherwise confusion may arise as to the actual location of the injured person. You are only allowed to move if you are in the way of medical personnel. The game will resume after medical personnel have given the 'all clear'.

No Play should be called when a player has trouble coping with the mental or emotional stress of the game. Live roleplay events can be tough on a person. Your character is likely to go through stressful experiences which can effect a player personally. If a player calls No Play this means they are out of character and require some space. You may continue the game without this character, or pause the game temporarily.


The primary element regarding combat safety are the weapons. All melee weapons used during the event should LARP-safe weapons made of foam with a glass fibre core and latex coating. All weapons should be checked by a Game Master before the event. If a Game Master deems a weapon unsafe, you are not allowed to use the weapon.

During combat, you should pay attention not to target the head, crotch or other sensitive parts of your opponent. Never thrust with your weapon unless it has a special thrusting head. Do not put your full force behind your attacks, but instead pull them back slightly before hitting. Finally, try and be aware of your environment during combat and try to prevent anyone from tripping or falling onto tree stumps, tent lines or other harmful objects.

Should you feel someone is fighting in an unsafe way, feel free to inform a game master of this. They can discuss this with the other person.

Ranged Weapons

Throwing weapons should consist of a soft foam coated with latex. Most importantly, they should not have a rigid core. For bows and crossbows, you can use anything with a strength of up to 30 pounds. Arrows should be LARP-safe with a soft head.

Shields and Armour

Shields should consist of a foam core with a latex coating. Shields with a wood core are explicitly not allowed.

While most armour will be fine when fighting, you should pay attention to avoid dangerous protrusions like spikes or sharp edges on your armour. Should you wish to have such features on your armour, create them from foam and latex or in another combat safe method.


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