Effects are ways in which a character is influenced by the game. Effects can be called by players (only with a corresponding skill) and by a Game master. Effects have a number associated to them, this is either two (as in seconds) or one (as in point). If a number is called with the effect, use this number instead of the default. For example "Stumble four" is a stumble effect that lasts four seconds and "hit two" is a hit effect that costs two hit points. The following effects are known in this system:

  • Hit You lose one hit point. If this effect is called after you are hit with a weapon, the effect replaces the normal damage done.
  • Drain You lose one willpower.
  • Fall You fall to the ground. After two seconds you can stand up again.
  • Drop You let go of the item in the hand, it drops to the ground, after two seconds you can pick it up again.
  • Stumble You stumble away from your opponent. See Effects during combat for more details.
  • Daze You are disorientated. You can not attack, defend or use a skill in this state. See Effects during combat for more details.
  • Break This effect can be called on items. If the break effect is strong enough the item is destroyed. See Items for more on destroying items.
  • Bind This effect is called on a body part. Binds can be done on the following location:
    • Hands: You cannot pick up any items or use your hands. Keep your hands together.
    • Arm: Keep your arm attached to whatever it is touching at the moment.
    • Feet: You can not walk or run, keep your feet together. You can only jump or crawl.
    • Leg: Keep your leg attached to whatever it is touching at the moment.
    • Body: You can not move from your current position.
  • Weaken Your character feels ill for two seconds. During this time Skills cost one willpower in addition to the normal cost of the skill.

The following two are reaction effects. These can be used in response to effects.

  • Resist The effect of an attack was negated / blocked / resisted.
  • Miss An opponent's attack didn't do damage and the effect was resisted.