A character's health is of critical importance. Once a character has zero or less hit points, they become injured, which will likely require medical attention. You can restore hit points by taking a short rest, as long as you are uninjured.

Short Rest

By taking a short rest, a character will restore hit points to it's maximum and regain the free use of their rested skills. You can only be restored by a short rest, if your character has one or more hit points remaining. The short rest must be uninterrupted for at least five minutes of in character time. If a character makes any dice challenges or uses any skills, the short rest is considered interrupted.

Injury Effects

When a character is hit with an attack that causes an injury, they receive an effect based on what body part got hit by the attack. The effect lasts as long as the character is injured. Characters can have additional effects from injuries, if they are hit on multiple body parts while injured. The effects are as followed:

Either arm Drop item
Leg(s) Fall
Torso Daze


There are three levels of injury, depending on how low your HP is. The three levels are:

HP Resulting injury
Bloodied 0 or -1 This injury requires treatment. You can't take a short rest
Mangled -2 or -3 The character dies in 10 minutes, and falls unconscious half way through (5 minutes)
Mutilated -4 or -5 The character falls unconscious instantly and dies after two minutes

Some skills allow characters to be Stabilized. When a character is stable they are no longer dying and regains consciousness. Moving the injured body part will reopen the injury. Restart counting your injury from zero when this happens.