Heimr Tabletop RPG Core

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About this document

This document is written for people familiar with the basic concepts of Role Playing and Tabletop Role Playing. No previous knowledge about Heimr is required to understand this document.

For any campaign taking place in the Heimr setting, extra documents are available in which skills, conditions, rules on character creation and rules about NPCs can be found. These documents, as well as the Heimr Tabletop RPG Core can be found at http://www.heimr.nl/rulebooks/.


This document, the Heimr Tabletop RPG Core, features the basic rules needed to run a tabletop role playing game. This document has been designed without a specific setting or theme, so that it can be used in a variety of games from sci-fi to high fantasy. Because this document is written independent of any specific theme, it is recommended to use modules to extend this core document with additional features to include such things as weaponry, technology and armour.

The Heimr Tabletop RPG Core is designed to be fully compatible with the Heimr LARP Core, so that you can easily take characters from a tabletop game and play them in a live action role playing game. The LARP core rules, and the Tabletop core rules are based on the same concepts. The biggest difference between the LARP rules and the Tabletop RPG rules is that in Tabletop conflict is resolved using dice rolls, where as in LARP conflict is resolved by the skills of players.

Document status

This document is in development. The document as you find it on this wiki will be a living document. This document will be updated as new ideas develop. Stable playable versions of this document will be published in PDF format for people to use in their games. The version stable release is currently being prepared.


Re: Heimr Tabletop RPG Core

This document should be updated to match the LARP core. Some new rules are:

  • willpower pool
  • resist has changed
  • new skill types

Re: Heimr Tabletop RPG Core

There are a few more things to think about

  • Should weapon damage be in the TTR core or in a module? We've put it in the LARP core since players are required to know it. One of our deisng goals was to make these two documents work the same way. And this is clearly a difference. The reason it's currently not in however, is that these standard weapon types / damage levels may be used with abilities that may vary, depending on what campaign / setting you are running.
  • Can you do mangle damage to the limbs, or should it be limited to torso?