Particle Types and Units

Particle Types and Units

The following is a description of the particle types and several in game units.

Particle Types

The first five particle types are the primary constituents of matter. They are divided into two pairs and one single type. The two pairs are Fire and Water and Earth and Air. Fire and Water annihilate eachother. Earth and Air also annihilate each other. The single type is Spirit, which is separated into two forms, Positive Spirit and Negative Spirit. Positive spirit annihilates negative spirit and vice-versa, but positive spirit does not annihilate positive spirit and negative spirit does not annihilate negative spirit.

There are currently two other, special particle types available. The first type is Divine, which is a special form of energy that is primarily used by Divine magic, but certain spells need to use it as well. Most notably, it is needed for spells affecting emotions like fear. Divine particles always annihilate eachother. This means first and foremost that any combine operation on divine energy is always subtractive. Second, no glyphs can be divine-dominant, because such glyphs would disintegrate on first use. Lastly, care needs to be taken when handling larger amounts of Divine particles as they can become unstable and disrupt the rest of the automata.

The second special type is Force. Force is a special type used in primordial magic that represents kinetic force. Contrary to Divine, Force is always additive. For dominance, any force dominant glyph may only manipulate force, no other elements are allowed. The exception to this is the apply() operation, which is allowed to be used with Force and any other type.


Annihilation is the process whereby two opposing particle types completely annihilate each other.


These units are used to describe in-game quantities. Note that the in-game system uses base-6 for counting, denoted here with 0s. This means 0s10 equals 6, 0s100 equals 36, 0s55 equals 35, etc.


  • Grain
    The base unit and smallest amount of the system. The grain is defined as the minimum amount of matter needed to affect anything. It is approximately equal to the volume of a sphere of 5mm diameter or 65mm3.
  • Pebble
    0s105 (41 in decimal) Grains, approximately a sphere of 2cm diameter.
  • Fist
    0s43 (27 in decimal) Pebbles, approximately a sphere of 6cm diameter.
    0s5043 (1107 in decimal) Grains.


  • Grain
    The weight of 1 Grain of Carbon. Approximately 0.15g.
  • Stone
    The weight of 1 Fist of Carbon. Approximately 256g.


  • Muscle
    The amount of force needed to accelerate 1 Fist of Carbon so it moves 1 yard in 1 second.
    1 Force particle produces 1 Muscle.
    Approximately equal to 0.25 Joule.
  • Strike
    The amount of force that is delivered to a target by a sword strike. Equal to 0s1040 (240) Muscle.
    Approximately equal to 60 Joule.


For time we use the normal seconds, minutes, hours since things get way too complicated otherwise.


For now, we simply use the traditional English units of measurement, inch, foot, yard and mile.

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