The following people have all contributed to making the world of Heimr what it is now.

Current Administration Team

Dungeon Masters

  • Midgard DM
    Brian Bors, "Leader" of Heimr.
  • Utgard DM
    Arjen Hiemstra, also Heimr Webmaster
  • Asgard DM
    Dimitri Remmelzwaal
  • Wilderness DM


  • Copperarm / Nightwind
    Roos Schultheiss

Former Dungeon Masters

  • Mark Fikkert, Former Utgard DM
  • Cecilia van Mierlo, Former Asgard DM


We are grateful for all the contributions of our members. Mentioning them all here however, would make this list rather long.
Please see the member list for a full list of all our members.

Special mention goes to:

  • Toemba Copperjaw - Wilco
  • Reinhardt - Ingmar
  • Rusty - Karian de Rijke
  • Kalah - Danny
  • Kyloth - Tom


The Heimr website currently uses a combination of systems and themes. The main website (the one you are on now) is powered by the Drupal Content Management System, using the theme "Aspire", developed by the company InfoCreek and ported to Drupal by Arjen Hiemstra. The forums are currently powered by PhpBB, using the theme "DirtyBoard" by Cosa-Nostra Design.