Ogre history is often not documented and thus most is lost over the years, but one singly stories is known even to most Ogres. The story of how Asgard once tried to cultivate the Ogres and how this failed. Ogres are mostly nomads, there tribes travel all over the lands around and in Utgard. At one point in history the Ogres encountered the Asgardian races by travelling to far from their birth place.

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The Orc culture revolves around two main pillars: combat and honour. As a result, a great deal of conflicts are resolved through means of ritual combat. These sessions of ritual combat have very strict rules and regulations, which are very rigid. To break these rules would mean great dishonour, a shame no Orc would want to live with. Contrary to popular Midgardian and Asgardian belief, these combats are rarely to the death. Most Orcs even frown upon such permanent resolvement of disputes, as killing the other would mean one less honourable Orc who can fight dishonourable Asgardians.

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Customs and Cultural Habits

Things people do because the culture teaches them to do it, also includes the ages of consent, legal maturity, etc.


How does the culture handle issues of power and who has power of whom.


Non-religious things people believe because the culture teaches them to believe it.

Art, Literature and Music

What does the culture finds aesthetically pleasing or exiting.


Usually builds on the area the culture settled in and the biological needs of the race.


//How d

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Orc houses are communities of Orc families.

Current Great Houses

These houses are currently considered the "Great Houses" and hold dominion over most of the Orc-held lands.

  • House Galrash - Current Prime House, holds the First Seat in the Council of the Utgard Alliance.
  • House Arkol - Previous Prime House
  • House Vorzag
  • House Kotash
  • House Urthoru
  • House Martuc
  • House Dralug
  • House Bergazu
  • House Gorazal

Other Orc Houses

These houses are not counted among the "Great Houses", but have played more or less important rol

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Orc politics is a slightly chaotic mess built up around the race's concepts of individuality and honour. It can be roughly broken down into three levels: in-house politics, alliance politics and great house politics.

In-house politics

When the Orcs were a young race just set loose upon the world, Ratish taught those who would listen about warfare. Among the things he taught was the observation that no group of creatures can survive without the leadership of a single creature.

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To use this template, copy it and remove everything in italics.


  • OC Name: Unique name of the culture.
  • IC Name: If applicable, how do members of the culture call the culture?
  • Age: Age of the culture
  • Demography: The primary race associated with this culture
  • Size: How many members does the culture have
  • Area: Where do the members of this culture live
  • Religions: What religion(s) are/is common in this culture
  • Languages: What language(s) are/is common in this culture
  • Symbol: //If ap
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