Fated End Teaser: The Interview

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Clarisse was silent during her medical examination. It was fascinating how the doctor investigated her body. She pushed down all the questions she had. She used a trick that had helped her many times before. She started to think very fundamentally. Philosophically. She was certain that this doctor, a nymph, would have more answers than the soldier that picked her up. But she held her tongue. Get organised first.

Fated End Teaser: Abduction

Clarisse found herself staring at Heimr. She had seen maps. Compilations from many sources both divine and mortal. The most accurate depictions did not come close to what she was witnessing. Clarisse and her colleagues had been captured by well spoken creatures that looked like Ogres who were wielding the most advanced primordial magic she had ever seen. They flew her - without divine magic - into a space above the clouds but beneath the stars, sun and moon.

Large change to the setting

Hello Heimr people,

During the last Numen event (Numen 6) we revealed that it was actually the last Numen event and the last event to take place on the familiar world of Heimr you have all grown accustomed to over the years. It was revealed in game that Heimr was only one of the many planets that harbour intelligent life and the players where whisked away on a spaceship.

Third Numen 6 Teaser

Baltasar felt it. A low large thud. That is how it felt and sounded to everyone in the tower with a well tuned spark, sensitive to the primordial flow. Every few hours, at regular intervals, for more than a thousand years. The machine whirled to life, sped up and the tower released its soothing big wavy influence on the primordial flow.

Second Numen 6 Teaser

Clarisse was consulting another map. Her assistant had brought it out together with some fresh candles. The sun had disappeared long ago but the lorekeeper never noticed. The reports about strange glowing lights in the sky had started about a year ago. Before the siege of Ul-Targash. But ever since the siege they had really picked up. Something was happening that responded to the horrors that siege laid bare. Or maybe it was a coincidence?

Numen 6 Teaser

The siege of Ul-Targash. The bloody conclusion of that siege was one of the most horrible things Multan had every witnessed. His troll regiment had been stationed outside of the city for years. The undying enemy would not yield even after years without food.

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