There are 15 main gods , one for every race.

General mandate of the gods

Main article General mandate of the gods Gods rarely outright demand things of mortals, not wishing to temper with free will . But they do make their wishes known trough divine beings or with the help of priests.


Gods are divided amongst five "linages". When every primary god had created a secondary races they elevated the first amongst those races to godhood. When those secondary gods created the five tertiary races they in turn elevated the first amongst those races to godhood. These relationships between creator and elevated gods form the linages.

Lineage Of Danu

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Danu , her daughter Uastra and granddaughter Nantillion make up the linage of Danu. These three goddesses are all in some form dedicated to the principle of life. Danu is the mother of the first gods and the goddess of fertility. Through her the other gods were born. She is the goddess of the fae , who worship her for the passion with which she lives her life. Uastra is the goddess of the elves . She is most commonly known as the goddess of the harvest. Uastra represents the endless cycles of reaping and sowing, never wavering, never changing. And lastly there is Nantillion. Nantilion and most of her race, the shanata , believe that the right to live must be earned. To be strong, to be healthy, you must find your limitations and overcome them.

Lineage Of Gataur

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Gataur is the father who impregnated Danu. He is the god of earth, strength, community and craftsmanship. He created the tellurians from the mountains. Gataur is often worshipped by craftsmen, especially those who want to become experts in their field. He also created the gnomes , choosing Ganinisum as his son. Ganinisum become the god of hospitality, humour and civility. He is particularly popular among the bards. Ganinisum created the lizardman . From them he choose Zalsz as his son. Zalsz became the god of time, destruction and engineering. Many builders pray to him to keep their structures standing.

Lineage Of Januri

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Januri is the goddess of water, seafaring, love and beauty. She sparked the love between Danu and Gataur, so the first gods could be born. She created the merfolk and is worshipped by sailors and fishermen. As her second race, she created the nymph , and choose Vanessa as her daughter. Vanessa became the goddess of pleasure, seduction and travel. She is worshipped by courtesans everywhere. Vanessa created the slemmering , and choose Sin as her offspring. Sin , the god of revolt, intoxication and dreaming, is often referred to as the god of chaos. Anyone looking for an interesting party should be praying to Sin.

Lineage Of Ratish

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Ratish is the god of spirit, balance, battle, morality and freedom. He brings balance to the universe, and is the creator of free will. He gave Danu and Gataur the choice to conceive the first gods. He created the orcs , and is often prayed to by warriors. Ratish also created the ogre race. From them he choose Wana as his daughter. Wana is the goddess of hunting, slaughter and disease. Twice a year thousands of ogres fight each other in a great brawl to honour her. Wana created the trolls , and choose Tal'kinita as her daughter. Tal'kinita is often referred to as the goddess of death. The living and the dying pray to her for rest and for their ancestors, and so that decay will prevent them from becoming the living dead.

Lineage of Talor

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Talor is the wise one who designed first gods. He is the god of air, knowledge, logic and trade. He created the humans and taught them to learn and to document their knowledge. Talor is worshipped by scholars and philosophers. Talor created a hill dwelling race called the halflings . From them, he choose Ranimsul as his son. Ranimsul became the god caution, diplomacy and resolve. Many wise lawmakers and negotiators pray to him daily. Ranimsul created one of the strangest races of Heimr; the feyfolk . These small creatures can meld together and transform themselves into many different shapes. From them, Ranimsul choose Tahordyn to be their own goddess. Tahordyn became known as the goddess of protection, charity and temperance.

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