Osterian Crusader strikeforce

The Osterian Crusader strikeforce is an old militia organisation loyal to the Numen community. They have also been named "the hand of the Numen" and "the shield of the Numen".

They have varied in size of the years but are usually proportionate to the size of the Numen Community. Numbering about a tenth the size of the actual community.

The strikeforce is funded trough donations from many sources but the leadership tries to remain impartial and focused on their task to defend the community from outside attacks. A lot of the more wealthy crusaders donate their time, money, gear and expertise free of charge in hopes of securing a special place in the afterlife.

The crusaders have in the past defeated or held of many armies that tried to assault the Numen directly and have been known to make preemtive attacks on societies that are suspected of planning an attack on the Numen.

When the strikeforce is not actively assembled to protect the grounds of the Numen itself they investigate known treats, try and attract new sponsors, train their lower ranks, perform minor mercenary work for churches and communicate heavily with the next mortal Numen host to organize the defence of the new Numen.

Although the Osterian crusader strikeforce takes orders from its own internally appointed leadership the leadership is heavily influenced by the will of the disciples and the more prominent members of the Numen community.

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