Siege Corp


This interstellar faction is one of the stronger factions in the interstellar neighbourhood. It sells warmachines to individuals and other factions.

About 314 Worlds have joined this faction.

It is located INSERT MAP HERE


To us

We have a neutral relationship with this faction.

To other factions

The collective

They have a full on trade agreement with the collective. The collective bases most of their local agents in the space of this faction.

Empire of the Cloaked Hammer

Friendly. We have seen the two factions trade.

The Living Machine

Friendly Competitors. We have seen the two factions trade, but rarely. They seem more interested in quarreling over territory.

Aurogan Defence Federation

Presumed Hostile. We have not seen these two factions do battle, but they actively avoid each others territory.


We have no known contacts amongst this faction.

Government type

Key figures

We do not know who the key figures of this faction are.

Laws and culture

Although they seem to sell mostly weapons, they seem to dislike combat and warriors.


We are unaware of any subfactions within this faction


How to recognize

Spaceships of this faction have no visible weapons. The company logo seems mandatory on the hull of the spaceship.

Individuals from this faction do not wear uniforms but usually proudly display their company logo somewhere on their clothing. The amount of cybernetics is relatively high with individuals from this faction. We have not yet encountered an individual without visible cybernetics.

Protocol for contact

Encountering this faction in or outside of their territory is generally a safe affair. They view you as potential customers and little else.

Outsiders can generally buy wargear from this faction and apart from losing their currency, individuals from this faction generally won't try and rob you nor drive you away from their territory. So there is little to lose.

Do not harm nor threaten members of this faction. We intend to foster a positive trade relationship with this faction.

Past encounters

Siege Corp Encounter Log


Siege Corp is self sufficient and not reliant on trade from outside factions. Siege Corp sells supplies to nearby factions and travelers. They seem specialized in wargear.


Little is known about the history of Siege Corp.

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