Spirits are incorporeal entities associated with natural things like trees, riviers, mountains and animals, sometimes associated with objects of power and emotion like weapons, mirrors, towers, but sometimes even associated with abstract things like emotions or the concept of murder. The worship or dealing with these entities provide a form of magic on Heimr . This practice is most common in southern Heimr and the wild areas . There are also several communities in Midgard that practice this but it is rare in Asgard .

The nature of spirits

Spirits are entities that inhabit a different plane of existence. As a result of this most mortals never see one, but they are often described by the shamans as looking the thing they represent. For example a sorrow spirit named flees-from-disaster might be described as a sad floating skull followed by black clouds.

Spirits are often in conflict with each other which may result in conflicts between their followers.

Because of their alien nature, spirits have behaviour, wishes, and social structures that non-shaman mortals find very strange, illogical and frightening.


Shamanic techniques

Shamans are people who can communicate with spirits when in trance. They form a links between the spirits and the communities who worship them. Shamans often direct these communities towards the worship of specific spirits.

Worship of spirits

Many people worship spirits who benefit them in their daily lives. For example many trolls worship the spirits of their ancestors while many Tellurians would rather worship the spirit of the mountain they inhabit.

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