Stitching And Bandaging

Stitching and bandaging is used to treat already stabilized patients or wounds that are not life threatening. At this stage it is important to properly clean and dress the wound so it does not become infected. Infected wound will cause a fever and will cost resources (in downtime) to heal. There is about a 1 in 5 chance a wound becomes infected.

This is done with a set of condition cards available at check in. Each time the skill is used, give the top two cards to the patient. Nine out of every ten cards will be blanc, the others will be an Infected Wound condition.

=Skill Stitching And Bandaging
=Points 2
=Unique Rule Clean, stitch and bandage somebody with 0 HP for 4 minutes. The patient is now at 1 HP (and thus will regain HP normally during his next short rest). The patient also loses 1 WP.
=Shared Rule Use bandages to bind the injury. Metal armour pieces must be removed before using this.
=Details You know how to clean, stitch up and bind a wound. It is painful and messy and there is a large chance of infection.

Hygienic stitching lessens the chance of infections but takes focus and concentration to perform.

=Skill Hygienic stitching
=Requires Stitching And Bandaging
=Points 2
=WP 1
=Unique Rule You are not allowed to ask whether or not your patient has a minor infection condition.
=Unique Rule If you spend 1 WP while using the stitching and bandaging skill you can remove any minor infection that the patient has gained from the wound you are treating.
=Details You know how to keep your tools and the wound clean. Infection is always a risk in the field, but by concentrating you know how to lower the chance considerably.

The wound washing skill makes sure you only spend willpower on patients that actually have a minor infection.

=Skill Wound washing
=Requires Hygienic stitching
=Points 2
=Unique Rule You carefully wash any filth from the wounds for 5 minutes before stitching and bandaging the wound. You are allowed to ask whether or not your patient has a minor infection condition.
=Details By washing the wound carefully and analysing the filth, you know whether or not you need to be extra careful with your equipment.

The nursing skill can be used to help mitigate the willpower loss most patients experience after becoming wounded. It is an especially helpful skill when patients are herded together in an infirmary of sorts.

=Skill Nursing
=Points 4
=Unique Rule Attend to the healthcare and mobility needs of a person with an Illness or Wounded condition for 1 hour and spend 1 WP. After you have done this they regain 1 WP.
=Unique Rule You can use this skill 4 times a day without spending willpower.
=Unique Rule You can use this skill simultaneously on up to 4 patients. You can stop and resume this skill at any time without losing the time already spend.
=Details Good bedside manners and a genuine smile go a long way towards healing.


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