Zalsz was forbidden to split the Lizardman , and has not created a race of his own. Zalsz god of the time, destruction and engineering. Zalsz teaches that all things must and do break over time, that nothing ever gets lost, is just changes or rearranges. Zalsz is a patient god, he teaches to watch patiently and let time destroy your enemies. And from the ruins he will rebuild the world, making it greater, more magnificent then ever before.

Zalsz his portfolio includes time, destruction and engineering. He is the first among the lizardman who where created by Ganinisum .


Although not much data is found on this subject it is said that Zalsz rarely grants prayers for extra time. The most common way to honour Zalsz this way is to keep accurate track of time and celebrate various points in the time of life. Lizardmen build huge temples that they can track time with, using the position of the sun and moon.


Many destroy for various reasons. Zalsz is often worshipped by destroying old houses and other buildings so new structures can be made with the materials and newly acquired space. Some lizardmen cults build their temple only to destroy them again and build a more advanced temple using what they have learned building the previous one. Worshippers pray to Zalsz to destroy evil enemies or diseases.


Engineering especially making and drawing schematics of devices to track time, is a popular way of worshipping Zalsz. Priests to Zalsz ask worshippers to bring something they made for him and burn this as an offering. This is also a symbol of destruction Lizardmen who build huge temples in his honour often engineer traps and many other gizmo's that either do or don't serve a specific purpose.

Good versus Evil

Good worshippers of Zalsz often track the time and celebrate many points in ones lifetime. They destroy old abandoned villages and either leave the room or use the materials to build a new village or temple. Evil worshippers to Zalsz cover other creatures in resin in attempt to imitate the ability of a gorgon and freeze them in time. They destroy all sorts of things in order for renewal and whatever they engineer they use for destruction.


The colour most commonly associated with Zalsz is beige.
His animal symbol is a lizard
The musical instrument associated with Zalsz is the organ
Zalsz is often depicted as a young mature or old lizardman holding or standing in front of an hourglass.
Symbols to Zalsz are: an hourglass, a trebuchet or catapult and a broken hourglass or broken building. A clock or pocket watch that no longer works. Tools used for engineering like a wrench or a gear can also bee seen as symbols to Zalsz.
Nicknames for Zalsz are: Engineer/ Lord/ Father of time and Bringer of destruction.

Angels Of Zalsz

As his angels, Zalsz created the fate spinners. These are spidery women with the power to look deep into a person's soul. There they can see a person's true nature and understand their fate. The more powerful fate spinners can literally weave new patterns into a person's soul, changing their very nature. The fate spinners help destroy ruined cities and towns, so that when new communities arrive they can resettle the area.

Deamons Of Zalsz

Gorgons are the deamons of Zalsz. These are reptilian creatures, with long snaking hair. The gorgons are quite possibly the most feared deamons on Heimr. They have the ability to stop time in a limited area. Anyone who is in this area will appear frozen in place. They can maintain this effect as long as the gorgon is physically present on Heimr. If the gorgon was particularly powerful, the effect may last for years, even centuries after their destruction.


The start of a new year is the most important festival for worshippers of Zalsz. During this festival, old calendars are burned together with colourful images of clocks to symbolize the destruction of an old year and the creation of a new one.

Mandate of Zalsz

Apart from the General mandate of the gods Zalsz has expressed the following wishes from her followers.

General Zalsz

  • Do not cause time paradoxes
  • Track the passage of time
  • Make new improved iterations of things that exist
  • Destroy things that have outlived their purpose

Good Zalsz

  • Use machines to efficiently help those around you
  • Destroy things that harm other beings. Replace them by something better

Evil Zalsz

  • Destroy things created by those who oppose you, even if they have not outlived their purpose


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