Change log

July 2017

  • Reworded Items page
  • Introduced "Consumable" concept for items.
  • Made "Large" item explanation more explicit.
  • Changed Physrep rules to no longer require explicit descriptions in the item card.
  • Added some explanation of "normal" carrying capacity.

September 2015

  • Weakened now only hampers skill use during combat

May 2015

  • Added the ***Charm ***and ***Fear ***effects.
  • ***Bind ***has been simplified to only 1 effect.
  • Removed the ***Drain ***effect.
  • Throwing weapons removed from the core rules (now a rule on the actual item).
  • All effects override the 1 damage rule from weapons now (not just the hit effect).
  • Concentration rules have been removed (now described by primordial magic itself).

November 2013

  • Changed everything into the "1 HP loss per attack" system. (LARGE CHANGE!)
  • You now have a maximum amount of items that you can carry with you at the start and end of an event.
  • Amplified the effect terms. (e.g. Break, instead of Break.)
  • Changed the wording of HP and Willpower somewhat.
  • Removed the rule that stated you need to have item cards attached to your phys-reps.
  • Removed that "flaps" counter system for now.
  • Conditions also represent special social states (next to special mental and physical states)
  • Removed the miss effect and merged it with the Resist effect.
  • Changed the wording of some things (HP, WP, unconscious characters) to better explain what they actually represent in game so players can react to it more in character.
  • Added the fact that you leave items and money with your dead character.
  • Removed the "source" prefix for effects.

April 2013

  • Created change log
  • Removed Willpower threshold
  • Added counters
  • Changed what players should do when an item breaks


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