Creating a Character

To create a new character, you must go through the following steps:

  1. Pick the race of your character
  2. Choose skills and conditions from the domains (20 points)
  3. Buy items for your character (500 copper)

Character races

Every character must start by choosing a race. All racial conditions for Heimr are listed in the Character Card chapter. For some races, more then one racial condition is available. This gives players more diversity in portraying characters of the same race. When you've chosen a racial condition, move on to selecting domains.


A domain is a collection of skills, items, conditions and down time options. Every domain has its own theme and challenges players in a different way. You can choose skills from as many domains as you like. We recommend using 1 to 3 domains for a character. To get an idea of what the domains are about, read their introduction. Some domains may suite you better then others. Currently, the following domains are available:

  • Defence (Armour, defences against effects, shields)
  • Armed Combat (Weapons, offensive skills)
  • Battlefield Surgery (Saving dying people and binding wounds)
  • Divine Magic (Priests who can take the power of worship and transform them into blessings and other miracles)
  • The marketplace (Traders, craftsmen, money lenders, etc)
  • Alchemy (Scientists and potion brewers that use ingredients to create substances to influence people)
  • Primordial magic (Mages who can manipulate the very matter of reality by weaving rune powered automata)

Skills and Conditions

From the domains you've selected you can start picking skills and conditions. Most characters start with 20 points which they can spend on skills and conditions. You can convert up to 5 of these points to extra money for your character. For every point you get 100 copper.

Some skills and conditions are divided into multiple levels. The higher the level the more powerful and expensive the skill. You can not choose skills or conditions more then once. This includes skills and conditions of different levels.

Items and Money

Characters have 500 copper to buy items for their new character. You can choose items from any domain, though you probably won't have much use for items from domains you don't have skills or conditions from except for Defence and Armed Combat, since most characters will at least buy some kind of weapon and armour. Unlike many role playing games you do not require skills to use weapons or armour. Every character has basic training in every weapon and armour type.

Every item has a market price. The market price is the price of an item when you buy it from a store during character creation.

You can use any copper you haven't spend as starting capital for your character.


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