common culture of halflings

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Halfling culture split up during their history. Although both cultures where grudgingly assimilated into Midgard, they have their distinctive differences. Most halflings live in the second halfling kingdom (which remains a true kingdom, even though it adopts Midgardian Law.), but the separatist halflings have travelled south and later west from the first halfling kingdom and eventually settled in what is now the area around Westplain run and Port Ossic . Halflings tend to live underground and most of them tend to hate renders with a passion.

Halfling culture is more practical when compare to Asgard or Southern Heimr, Asgard because they sometimes tend to choose beauty over comfort and Southern Heimr because they don't have the crafting skills or need for comfort. But if compare to human culture, halflings concentrate on finesse where the humans concentrate on power. Halfling culture is driven by effectiveness rather than efficiency and they tend to choose for quality over quantity. Halfings don't want to know how everything works, as long as they know enough to use it, it doesn't matters why it seems to do what the halfling wants, as long as it does just that.

Physical appearance

Very old halfling carry their veins as a mark of respect and wisdom. Halfling tend to move even lower then their posture allows, crouching and crawling over floors, being used to living in underground holes. This gives them an almost feral hunter appearance compare to humans. The fact that they crawl, crouch and perch on hands and feet give them a strong back and strong calves.


Most halflings can speak both northern and southern trade.

Art, music and literature

In development


Halflings see magic as a strong force, something to be careful with. Magic solves more problems than it causes most of the time, but the problems it can causes can be quite large. Halflings are not afraid of magic, but they do have a more cautions approach to messing around with the laws of creation than the other midgardian races.

Living south of the centre of Midgard, halfings only have a chance of about one in four to have a magical talent, but even if they do have the talent, their practical nature usually stops them from pursuing the art, knowing full well the time it will cost to master the weaving of spells.


Halfing worship Ranimsul as a form of standard worship .


They tend to lean more to the herbivorous side of the diet scale when compare to humans though. Halflings usually don't eat their meals raw.

common culture of halflings

Deity: Ranimsul


  • Cautious
  • Reserved
  • Steadfast

Common languages:

  • Southern Trade (Dutch)
  • Halfling

Common societal structures:

  • Plutocracy (Midgard)
  • Immigrant

Example female names:

TODO: Deze moeten meer "Nederlands" worden, gezien de halflings meer met humans dan met gnomes omgaan.

  • Prisca
  • Linda
  • Violet
  • Lely
  • Heather
  • Lobelia
  • Anemonen
  • Molly
  • Emma
  • Begga

Example male names:

TODO: Deze moeten meer "Nederlands" worden, gezien de halflings meer met humans dan met gnomes omgaan.

  • Marroc
  • Gorbulas
  • Rory
  • Ponto
  • Milo
  • Merry
  • Hugo
  • Peltas
  • Martom
  • Rodic
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