Name: Halfling
Type: Secondary

  • Frail
  • Blue veined skin
  • Can eat some plant matter

Breeding: Opportunistic breeders based on predator scarcity
Gestation period: 7 months
Natural lifespan: 65 years
Life expectancy at birth: 26 years
Adulthood: 17 years
Life expectancy at adulthood: 42 years

skin colour: Pale, gets paler with age
Other visually distinguishing features:

  • Vaguely visible veins (gets more visible with age)


Halflings (Originally called Homo Colle Habita or "humanoids that live in hills") are a race of humanoids who usually live in Midgard. They live for about 65 years before they die of old age. Because of their short life span they tend to be very cautious and protective. They have a little inter racial feeling of honour and respect.

Physical appearance


Halfing are frail humanoids that have a very light white skin. Their skin is so light and frail the veins begin to become visible from a distance as the halfing hits puberty and grow to become more and more visible over time.


Halflings tend to be thin and brittle, making them slightly more fragile when compared to humans. The visible veins underneath the halfling his skin are caused by a frail skin as well as a darker blood. Their slower metabolism and cautious nature makes sure they live slightly longer natural lives than humans.


Halflings are Omnivorous, like most of the intelligent races of Heimr. They can digest some plant matter that is not nutritious to humans.

Common Culture

common culture of halflings //


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