Game Progression

LARP games should progress smoothly, without big interruptions. This chapter explains the mechanisms used in Heimr to prevent the game from stalling.

Game Masters

Game Masters are the directors of the game. They make sure the story progresses as it should and direct the NPCs to that end. Game masters are also there to help you if you are unsure about the rules and to referee when players have a conflict. You should follow the instructions the Game Master gives.

If you do not agree with a ruling you may make one, and only one, appeal to the Game master. If he or she is not convinced by your argument, the ruling is final and the game continues. You may discuss the issue after the game.

Time Calls

There are four time calls. These calls can only be made by a Game master:

  • Time Freeze: The game stops and every player must close his or her eyes while humming to drown out any noise
  • Time Stop: The game stops. The calling Game Master usually has some instructions for you after this.
  • Time In: The game restarts
  • Time Out: The game stops completely

Raised Hand

A raised hand indicates that this person is out of character and should be ignored. You may only do this with permission of a game master.


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