There are four things that make up a character: Hit points, Willpower, Skills and Conditions. These thing will be explained in this chapter. Which and how many a character has depends on things such as race and equipment. Instructions on how to create a character can be found in the Character Guide at

Hit Points

Hit points (HP) represent the likelihood of a character surviving an attack. They are not "health points" and do not represent the physical health of your character. Things that increase your chance of survival, such as armour or a strong body, can increase your hit points. When a character is hit by an attack, they (usually) lose 1 HP. If a character reaches 0 or fewer hit points, only then he or she becomes truly injured. As long as you have more than 0 HP you are not injured (Although you might have sore spots, scraps, small cuts, old wounds, etc) Uninjured characters can restore hit points by taking a "short rest". For more information about HP, short rest and dying see the "health" section.


Willpower (WP) is a character's way of pushing through tough situations or achieving extraordinary things. It represents your mental, emotional and physical stamina all in one. When your character is losing WP he or she is probably going through something emotional. When your character is spending WP on skills he or she is doing the best they can.

Characters with high WP are usually motivated and in high spirits, whereas characters with low WP might be more inclined to give up and surrender to the situation. Once per day you can regain 1 WP by doing something you enjoy (see your racial condition). Other characters might have skills that will help you feel better and regain WP. Or you can buy items for this purpose.

You are free to roleplay your WP (or lack thereof) as you see fit and realistic.

Divine charge

Every character gains 2 divine charge (DC) at dawn up to a maximum of 2. This represents the energy your soul generates that religious leaders can use during ceremonies. Such religious leaders usually ask you to join in such ceremonies every day. You will receive cards provided by the event organization to represent these DC.


Skills let you fight better, help others, create items, etc. Players must carry skill cards for every skill they have. These are provided by the event organization. Do not use the skill if you do not have the card. A description of the skill is provided on the skill card. You can only use one skill at a time. Using a skill may cost one or more WP. A skill can override rules in this rule-book for individual characters.


A condition is a character's state of being. This may be physical, mental or social state. The event organization will provide cards for all conditions. Players must carry all condition cards of their character. Conditions include such things as race, social disorders, disfigurement and contacts. A condition can override rules in this rule-book for individual characters.

Counters on cards

For some skill, condition and item cards you have to keep a counter. This is simply a number that it put on the corresponding card with pen or pencil. If the card becomes unreadable ask for a replacement from a GM.


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