Lizardmen live in warmest regions on Heimr. and can most commonly be found on the islands surrounding the continent.

Most of the other species are only vaguely aware of their existence. And even fewer Heimerians have ever seen one. Lizardmen care little for what happens outside their communities. This is mostly due to their cold blooded nature.

They have a great respect for territory and personal property and will kill or maim friend or foe for intruding on their personal terrain.


Merfolk are Sea dwelling hunter-gatherers that are rarely seen by the rest of the races. They can breath underwater and have a fishlike appearance.

Physical appearance

Merfolks are quite easy to identify as members of their species. All merfolk have fins on their legs, arms, and sides of their heads. A merfolk is cold blooded like a fish and also sport gills and have slight difficulty breathing outside of the water. Some merfolk also have small patches of scales on their upper bodies, varying in colour, where the female colour scheme is somewhat lighter then the male.



Nymph are a race of beautiful humanoids with feathers growing on their heads. They are a very social race driven both by the nature of their deity, and their need to find a mate. When producing offspring this always results in a full-blooded nymph. A nymphs natural lifespan is about 120 years.



Feyfolk are a race of creatures with no single form. Their original form is tiny and featuring wings, but almost all Feyfolk change their appearance and function after only a few years. They live mostly in Midgardian and Asgardian forests.

The lifespan of a Feyfolk is approximately 100 years, they rarely live to see this age due to different circumstance.


  • Shanata are the intelligent hunters of the forests. They live both in Midgard and Asgard forests. The plural of Shanata is Shanata.
  • Average time of life: 50 years, but Shanata can "reset" their life cycle by living fused with a tree for half a year.


Tellurians are a race of grey-skinned humanoids living primarily in enormous cities in Southern Heimr. They have three genders, called a "producer", "fertiliser" and a "breeder". They prefer being around others of their race due to their unique physiology and culture.

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