A character's health is of critical importance. This chapter explains what you can do to stay healthy, and what will happen if you do not. Skills for healing can be found in the various domains.

Short Rests

By taking a short rest, characters who have more than 0 HP can restore all their HP. Characters who are injured (0 or less HP) can not take a short rest. The short rest must be uninterrupted for at least five minutes. During this time a character may not use skills, engage in combat, do physically straining activities such as running, get upset or angry. Any player that is not very active will find themselves meeting the conditions of being at rest most of the time.

Injury effects

When a character is hit with an attack that causes the HP to become 0 or lower the character becomes injured. When a character becomes injured they receive an effect based on what body part got hit by the attack. The effect lasts as long as the character is injured. Characters can have additional effects from injuries, if they are hit on multiple body parts while injured. The effects are as followed:

Location Effect
Either arm Drop item
Leg(s) Fall
Torso Daze


There are three levels of injury, depending on how low your HP is. The three levels are:

HP Resulting injury
Bloodied 0 This injury requires treatment but is not life threatening.
Mangled -1 The character is bleeding to death. After 5 minutes you lose another HP.
Mutilated -2 The character falls unconscious instantly and dies after 5 minutes.


When a character becomes unconscious for a longer time (because he is in trance, coma or is sleeping), the player might at some point want to leave. You can leave your unconscious character behind. To do so, leave an article of clothing, of roughly the length of your body, in the place where your character lays. Leave behind all your item cards, money and your racial condition. Items can be stolen by taking the item cards. You can kill an unconscious character that has no player present, by ripping their racial condition.


If your character dies you should remain lying on the spot for as long as necessary for people to finish interacting with your remains. Always leave behind all your item cards and money. After this you should go see a game master to create a new character or help the team by becoming an DC (directed character).


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