Effect Default Description
Hit 1 You lose 1 hit point (HP).
Break 1 This effect can be called on items. If the break effect is strong enough the item is destroyed. (See Toughness)
Fall 2 You fall to the ground. After two seconds you can stand up again.
Drop 2 You let go of the item in the hand, it drops to the ground, after two seconds you can pick it up again.
Stumble 2 You stumble about two meters away from the opponent for two seconds while you regain balance. This is the default effect of getting hit by a throwing weapon. No call will be made.
Daze 2 You are disorientated for two seconds. You cannot attack, defend, use a skill or run.
Charm 2 For two seconds you cannot attack or otherwise bodily harm the source of the effect.
Fear 2 You cannot willingly move closer to the source of the effect for two seconds.
Bind 2 You cannot move or be moved from your current position for two seconds.
Weaken 2 Your character feels ill for two seconds. During combat, skills cost one willpower (WP) in addition to the normal cost of the skill.
Resist all The effect and/or HP loss of an attack was negated/blocked/resisted or reduced by the number called.
=Effects and Description


Effects are ways in which a character is influenced by the game. Effects can be called by characters or by a Game master. Effects have a default number. If a number is called with the effect, use this number instead of the default. With Hit the number indicates how much hp you lose and with Break the number indicates how strong the break effect was. These have a default of 1. With all other effects the number following the effect is the number of seconds it lasts (default 2).

For example Stumble 4 is a stumble effect that lasts 4 seconds and hit 2 is a hit effect that causes you to lose 2 HP.

An effect always works when it is called. Players are thus not allowed to call an effect when they are not sure all the requirements needed to call it are met.


In Heimr LARP any character can wield any weapon, as long as he has an item card and physrep for it. When you are hit by a weapon you lose 1 HP unless an effect is called while you are hit with the weapon. So the effect replaces this 1 HP damage if an effect is called.

Movement and Restraint

Some characters can not move, or do not want to be moved. Do not go tugging or pushing people. To keep it friendly the following rules apply:

  • One character can move a willing character with a leg injury
  • Two characters can move an character unable to stand and resist
  • Three characters can move an unwilling bound character
  • Four characters can move an unwilling character


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