Megacorporations are corporations that operate like interstellar factions across multiple star systems and have enough influence and power to rival - or even exceed - any other faction. They have their own fleets of spaceships, private security forces, completely govern themselves and do not subject to any other government.

Globally known Megacorporations

These megacorporations are so famous or infamous that they are known throughout the galaxy.

Current local Megacorporations


The main goal of any corporation is profit. Megacorporations aren't any different. They want to become richer. Although most have a total monopoly on their own internal currency, they do tend to count relative riches in resources and debt gained from other factions, convergent organisations or any other entity that might interact with them at the border or inside their territory.

This is the main goal and truth, individuality, religion, freedom or happiness of its inhabitants might be sacrificed for the good of this goal.

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