Name: Merfolk
Type: Primary


  • Seabound
  • Trouble walking
  • Can breath underwater

Breeding: Most variants have specified breeding seasons
Gestation period: 5 months
Natural lifespan: 100 years
Life expectancy at birth: 28 years
Adulthood: 18 years
Life expectancy at adulthood: 61 years

skin colour: Variant depended but but female scales are coloured lighter than male
Other visually distinguishing features:

  • Visible scales
  • Visible fins

The Merfolk are one of the fifteen standard races .

Merfolk are Sea dwelling creatures. They can breath underwater and have a fishlike appearance.

Physical appearance

Merfolks are quite easy to identify as members of their species. All merfolk have fins on their legs, arms, and sides of their heads. A merfolk is cold blooded like a fish and also sport gills and have slight difficulty breathing outside of the water. Some merfolk also have small patches of scales on their upper bodies, varying in colour, where the female colour scheme is somewhat lighter then the male.

The colour of their near human upper body is usually a combination of regular skin colour and the colour of their scales (it is unknown weather the skin tone of merfolk varies in more tropical regions). Merfolks have ears pointed in the shape of fins. Some merfolks also lack a nose and have small breathing slits instead of them. Their mouth is also somewhat wider than a human´s so that they can easier swallow their food whole.

Their eyes are also quite human except for a larger pupil and smaller iris. Some merfolks also have a backfin and smaller fins on their lower arms, both used for manoeuvring underwater. Merfolks also have advanced sensory capabilities under water such as better taste of water, sight and hearing.

There are many varies forms of merfolk. Although the above form is the most common, some merfolk have no legs and instead have just 1 large tail. Others might have four legs and walk in a crab like fashion. Where the fins exactly protrude from the arms, legs, back or other places of the body might vary greatly from sub-species to sub-species. The amount of webbing between the fingers and toes might also vary greatly.


Merfolk live an average life of 100 years before dying of old age. They can breath underwater. Merfolk are omnivorous. A lot of merfolk secrete poison from their glands.


Merfolks reproduce in the same method as humans do, witch puts them in the mammal category. They do not lay eggs, as their fish like physique would suggest. Merfolks are pregnant for about 5 months.


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