Ogre stories

Ogres is one of the races in Southern Heimr with a prominent oral tradition. They tell many stories, often around camp fires. Stories are told by shamans or by specialized storytellers. Even tough Ogres as a race have developed a rudimentary written language, it is interesting to note that it seems specifically developed to aid storytellers in remembering the sequence and details of certain stories. This has resulted in the main themes of the stories being preserved, while the specifics vary greatly from tribe to tribe or even from storyteller to storyteller. Some well known ogre stories are the story of Granz, The wolf and the lion, The mighty flee.


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Granz is the story of an ogre who lived in ancient times. He was a powerful ogre who won the ogre bash. He united many ogre tribes and assaulted Asgard to free the ogres that Asgard had imprisoned. With his legendary axe Sklash, Granz is said to have broken through the gate of the elven city Dearaldia , after which it was sacked by his army.

The Wolf And The Lion

The wolf and the lion is the story about a wolf who during the hunt finds a young lioness. She takes the lioness into her pack and raises her as one of her own. Eventually the lioness becomes the strongest of the pack and challenges her adopted mother for the alpha position. During the fight that ensues the mother wolf gets killed. As she lays dying the lion starts to eat her. Her final thoughts are that in death she will be part of a tribe that is even stronger then it was when she was alive.

The Mighty Flea

The mighty flea is a story about a flea living in the fur of a mammoth. One day the flea decides to travel. It finds it's way to the bottom of one of the feet of the mammoth . There it discovers that when the mammoth walks, the weight of the mammoth does not crush him. He goes home where he declares himself the king of the fleas, declaring himself to be invincible. One day, a troop of monkeys jump on the back of the mammoth , so the fleas quickly hide deep inside the woolly fur of the mammoth. They ask the mighty flea to save them. So he climbs all the way up the longest hair he can find so all the monkeys can see him. Where a large grey monkey crushes him between his two slender fingers.

Ogre stories

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