The kingdom of Asgard is the most Northern region of Heimr . Asgard was created through an alliance between the fae and the elves. Asgard has been at war with the Utgardian hordes for thousands of years. Through most of this war, the Midgardian Republic has remained neutral.

Asgard Society

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A majority of the population of Asgard is part of it's caste system. The five castes of Asgard are a hierarchical order which determines a person's impotence to society, and in which occupation they will be employed. Castes are inherited from a parent, and members of a caste are only allowed to marry and reproduce with members of the same caste.

Almost every elf and a majority of the fae are part of one of the five castes. Those not part of a caste often live in communities isolated from Asgardian society.

At the top of it's caste system sit the royal families of the elves and of the fae. Each generation a king is chosen from one of the families, and a queen from the other, uniting Asgard as a kingdom. Asgardians consider themselves the civilising force of Heimr. They would like nothing better then to live in beautiful towns and cities, surrounded by large forests, where everyone is well fed and everyone wears beautiful cloths. And to some extend they manage this, but there is a dark side to the idyllic society. One which most Asgardians prefer not to think about.


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Elves are stoic and organized with an affinity for nature. They have an almost compulsive need to regulate their environment and to preserve the status quo. Most elves are skilled at the use of primordial magic. Elves have strait hair, and their ears are upwardly pointed. Elves live very long lives, averaging 500 years.

Most elves in Heimr live in the eastern regions of Asgard, where their former elven kingdom Alzahir used to be. Protocol, etiquette and civility is highly valued and praised by elves. They prefer things to be done in a certain manner and feel uneasy socializing with those who do not show the proper respect for their traditions. This makes negotiations with them fairly tedious, though the thoroughness at which arrangements are set out will often bare it's fruits in the long run. Elves learn High Merchant (English) as well as a few other languages.


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The fae are exuberant and expressive. They are impulsive and spend a lot of time on the creation of art. Unlike any other Heimrian race, every fae has the spark to learn primordial magic. Fae have wavy or curly hair and their ears are upwardly pointed similar to the elves. Their magical nature causes the veins to be visible under their skin in a variety of bright colours. Fae have a lifespan of around 350 years.

The western regions of Asgard is mostly populated with fae. This is the region where Sindhé, the former kingdom of the fae used to be. Fae are easily excitable, they can get obsessed with small details, spending hours and hours learning everything they can about it, while forgetting everything else. This has resulted in absolutely spectacular works of art displayed everywhere around Asgard. Fae learn High Merchant (English) as well as the fae language.

Agard Geography

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Travellers through Asgard often speak of the enchanting quality of it's large forests, rivers and lakes. The wilderness of Asgard is full of magical creatures and plants, unknown to the rest of Heimr. This is a side effect of all the primordial magic that is done by the Asgardians. This kind of landscape has existed in Asgard for thousands of years. To keep it stable it is actively maintained by carefully controlling and regulating the use of primordial magic.

Asgard is made up of four major regions; Alzahir, Sindhé, The Asgardian Wastelands and Lhengard. The current capital of Asgard is Dearaldia . This city is part of Alzahi. This city is relatively close to the border of Midgard, and from it many of Asgard's military campaigns are launched. Sindhé is the old country of the fae. It's largest city, Darthoriadan , is in the North-western region of Asgard.

Asgard has two fronts with their mortal foe Utgard; The Asgardian Wastelands to the South-west, and Lhengard to the South-east. These two regions are fairly inhospitable both due to their climate and the relative ease at which Utgard can attack it. Though officially Asgard claims these regions their own, Asgard has no large settlements within them.

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