Religious entities

Religious factions are interstellar theocratic factions . Most make a specific form or variation of a religion mandatory within their territory. They have their own fleets of spaceships, private security forces, completely govern themselves and do not subject to any other government.

Globally known religious factions

These religious factions are so famous or infamous that they are known throughout the galaxy.

None currently known.

Current local religious factions


The main goal of a theocracy is following the tenets of their religion. Interstellar religious factions aren't any different. Since proselytization tends to be a core tenet of most successful religions these factions tend to spread their ideology trough conversion and indoctrination. They are often, but not always, led by the virtues of a god or group of gods.

This is the main goal and truth, resources, individuality, freedom or happiness of its inhabitants might be sacrificed for the good of this goal.

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