Southern Heimr

The Southern regions of Heimr consists of all the territories controlled by the Orcs, Tallurians, Ogres and Trolls. This region is often mistakenly called Utgard. The thing that unites this patchwork of self governed territories is the idea that they hate Asgard a lot more then they hate each other. Most armies leaving to wage war on Asgard tend to respect the neutrality of Midgard , simply because Midgard tends to get out of their way and leave them alone when there is no profit to be made. Each of the races from southern Heimr has their own language. When they want to talk with each other they tend to use Southern Trade (Dutch).

Society Of Southern Heimr

There is very little the four races of Southern Heimr have in common. They each have their own culture and their own way of governing. The one thing they do share is a hatred for all things Asgardian. Due to the threat of organised military invasion from Asgard, the Utgard Alliance was formed.


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The Ogres are a race of brutes and savages, with an occasional shaman or priest thrown in. Most of them live as nomads, chasing down herd of large creatures like mammoths or aurochs. They are impatient and have a practical look on life, which is often mistaken for stupidity. Ogres value physical strength above all else and no moral reservation against killing anything that is weaker then them. Ogres are bulky and muscular. They will either have large fangs, horns protruding from their head, or be very hairy, or a combination of these three.


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The orcs are a race of proud warrior-people. Honour is essential to their lifestyle. Dishonourable behaviour is judge harshly and can often get an orc exiled. Orcs live together in extended families called houses. Most houses own one or more farms. Conflicts between orcs or between houses is often resolved through ritual combat. Orcs are muscular fanged creatures with green brownish skin.


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Tellurians are strongly community oriented people. Almost the entire tellurian population live in one of three huge tellurian cities. They are adapt at living inside mountains, which is where large parts of their cities are build. Unlike the other races, tellurians have three genders: the producers, fertilizers and breeders. Everything a tellurian does is for the good of the community, and anything they earn or create is property of the community as a whole. Tellurians have a greyish shin. As they grow older their skin hardens and rock or crystal-like protrusions start to grow on it. This process continues until they can no longer move, at which point they die.


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Trolls are nomadic herders, and hunters of small game. They live in small groups travelling between semi-permanent settlements. Most trolls worship their ancestors, often as part of worshipping their goddess. They believe the dead can give them power, and worship them through cannibalism and resting for long periods. For this reason, other races consider trolls to be lazy. Trolls are agile, sometimes fanged, creatures with grey blueish skin.

Southern Heimr Geography

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Southern Heimr is one of the warmest regions of Heimr. It is often confused with the region known as Utgard, though this is just one part of it. Southern Heimr also includes Zarashal, the Caldera Wasteland, and the Ogre Islands.

Religion And Magic

The Southern races have a dislike for the use of primordial magic. They consider it's use an abuse of natural forces and distrust the polluting effect it has on the environment. In Southern Heimr spirit worship is much more common then in other cultures.

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