The Midgardian Plutocracy is one of the three major political regions of Heimr . It is stuck with Asgard to the north, and a patchwork of states of the South . Midgard is an important business partner both to Asgard and to the states to the South. It is inhabited by humans, halflings and gnomes. It also houses a fairly large population of slemmering.

Midgardian Society

Midgard is controlled by gnomes, halflings and humans. Midgard is also the state in which slemmering have the most opportunities, which is why a lot of slemmering also live their.

The society is oriented around an extremely libertarian and free capitalist philosophy. This results in a relatively large amount of it's population living in extreme poverty while some enjoy untold wealth. People usually feel highly responsible for their own well being and the well being of those they love.

Apart from this Midgardians tend to keep their heads down concerning crises not inside their immediate social environment and generally wish to be left alone to enjoy life as much as possible. Although officially Midgard does not discriminate between races, discrimination is not illegal and many people do enjoy this freedom to a high degree.


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Gnomes have spiky features and have light green scaled skin. They are light-hearted and friendly. They like novels constructions often created for the sole purpose of entertainment. Gnomes are well known for their mechanical work with water wind and steam powered technology.

Most gnomes in Midgard live in a specific area called the gnome dominion , the rest have spread out into Midgard seeking economic opportunity wherever they are welcome; mostly Predator haven .


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Halflings are creatures with light fragile skin that shows the veins underneath. They are cautious, reserved but steadfast. They often live in isolated communities, traditionally build out of hidden earth homes.

The halfling race has split within Midgard. The more traditional and spiritually inclined halfling living in the second halfling kingdom , while the more secular halfling ventured south-west to start the settlements of Port Ossic and Westplain run .


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The humans are the most prominent race in Midgard. A large amount of wealth and political power in Midgard is controlled by humans. They have a nack for learning and negotiation and are quite skilled at incorporating in cultures of other races. They are physically the same as humans on earth, with their white or brown skin colour and variety of hair and eye colours.

The cities with the largest concentration of humans are New Ul-Targash and Svadilfar . But apart from Port Ossic , Westplain run and Predator haven humans are the dominant race in all of the cities.


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Slemmering is the race without a home. They live throughout the whole of Heimr, but by the others they are always considered to be the outsider. Slemmering love to eat and drink, to copulate, and to sleep. A slemmering can stay asleep for many years. While they sleep, slemmering do not age. They will often set up businesses, sleep for a decade while the businesses grow, and wake up much richer. Slemmering look similar to humans, though they are rarely mistaken for them, because unlike humans, slemmering get very fat really easily. Slemmering spend a lot of time on their appearance, wearing beautiful cloths and a lot of make-up.

Baron's creek has the largest concentration of Slemmering.

Geography Of Midgard

Midgard is the central region of Heimr, with at it's centre, the capital city of New Ul-Targash . In the north it is bordered by Asgard and in the south by Caldera Wasteland and Zarashal .

Two relatively small mountain ranges feed the two large rivers of Midgard flowing out of country to the east and west. The land also features three giant forests.

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