Caldera Wasteland

The Caldera Wasteland is a large desert to the south of Midgard . It is enclosed by the Morgana Mountains on the east side and the White Peaks and Pillars of Ice mountain ranges on the south side. It is a barren of rocks, sand, cacti and the occasional Orc ruin, with only small settlements and nomadic tribes living outside of the city of Fireforge .


The wasteland was originally a lush jungle, the birth place of the Orcs. However, approximately 3500 years ago, a combined force of Elven and Fae primordial spellcasters tried to summon one of the Arch Daemons , the Fire Dragon of Danu , to the world. While the summoning succeeded, the spellcasters lacked any form of control over the being. It warned them never to try anything on this scale again and then dissappeared in an enormous fireball, killing all the spellcasters, the entire army supporting it and the opposing army of Orcs and Tellurians. The fireball left a huge crater, which is today referred to as the Caldera Rim , and completely ripped out the heart of the jungle.

The ensuing disturbance of the jungle caused it to slowly wither away, the complete ecosystem destroyed and unable to sustain it. Over the course of a few hundred years, the trees withered and died, leaving only dead trees and barren rock. These days only a few traces of this jungle remain, clinging to the mountain ranges to the east and south.




Notable Geographical Features

Creatures found in this desert:


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