Divine Magic

The priest gathered the followers to Talor and felt their awe and worship create small pockets of energy during the ceremony. Most of it he send directly towards the divine realms, as per agreement, but a small portion he was allowed to keep. "Talor is thankful for your devotion. And I will now grant you his blessing. For we have a confusing day ahead, and we will need his clarity."

Divine magic is the domain that gives characters access to the powers of gods. The skills in this domain are the skills of priests and crusaders. Priests are an important part of any society. They are the link between a deity and the people. If you create a priest, this domain requires a great deal of social interaction, you will be seeking out new followers for your deity, guiding followers and performing ceremonies.

Crusaders are people called upon by their community to help protect and strengthen the faith. Most crusaders use their divine abilities to enhance their other skills such as soldering, surgery or even use of other kinds of magic. Crusaders work best when paired with a priest with a steady following.


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