Religion And Magic

The world of Heimr is a world created and shaped by magic. It's most powerful wielders are the gods of Heimr. Though they are certainly not the only ones able to use magic. Mortals too have learned the art of magic, as well as spirits and divine being.


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Spirits are incorporeal entities associated with trees, people, but even abstract things like emotions or the concept of murder. Spirits are worshipped to give thanks to the existence of the concepts they personify. For example drifting-in-the-sky (a cloud spirit) is thanked for the rain he pours on the fields. Shamans are people who communicate with spirits. Shamans negotiate with the spirits on behave of the community. This practice is most common in southern Heimr.

Supernatural Beings

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In addition to the gods and spirits, there many different supernatural beings. The most common are angels, deamons and undead. Angels and deamons are servants of the 15 gods. Each god has their own race of angels and deamons. One serves the good side of that god, the other the evil side. Undead are souls who have come to inhabbit a body that is physically dead, but is kept functioning through the application of magic. There are different variaities of undead.

Divine Magic

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Divine magic is the magic used by priests and other clergy. With divine magic, the natural laws of the universe are temporally modified in a limited space. It is most commonly used to cast blessings on worshippers, blessing them with such things as good health, prosperity in business, a bountiful harvest. Divine magic is cast by invoking a specific feeling. The divine magic uses a portion of the divine energy that clergy gather through prayer. The better a cleric's relationship with their god, the more power the god allows the cleric to use. Divine magic is almost always used in service of their god. Priests who use divine magic against their god will quickly find themselves in trouble.

Primordial Magic

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The second form of magic is primordial magic. Through it, mages are able to manipulate the primary elements that make up the universe. Using primordial magic requires a great deal of study and practice. It can be mastered either by forming a subconscious understanding of it, or by mastering it's complex logical systems. Primordial magic is most commonly used in Asgard. In Utgard there is a great dislike for this form of magic, because it manipulates the world in an unnatural manor, and pollutes the surrounding environment causing many unusual side effects if not properly managed. Anyone who gets caught using this form of magic in Utgard will likely be killed.

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