Talor, the wise son of the Air. Keeper of Truth. Designer of all the gods. He invented the gods so Danu could give birth to them. He is generally direct and non-cryptic and gets arrogant when mad.

Talor his portfolio is Air, Knowledge, Logic and Trade. He has created the race of humans and later the halflings . The first of the halflings he called Ranimsul and elevated him the position of secondary deity.


Talor is the god of the element of Air. The element is needed for all mortals to breath and is prevalent almost everywhere on Heimr. Primordial mages sometimes ask Talor for help in mastering this element. Shipmasters sometimes pray for favourable winds and sometimes even generals have asked for storms to mask the approach of their armies.


As the god of knowledge Talor has often times given important mortals, or communities of mortal, knowledge directly. The lorekeepers and other sages often ask Talor for help in determining whether or not the knowledge they have is actual truth. Scholars seeking a specific answer to a hard question sometimes pray for Talor while flipping trough pages in old books.


Philosophers and scientists often look to Talor for guidance in their search for wisdom and truth. When an argument has been shown to contain a logical flaw people often thank Talor for the new clarity. When a debate starts a small ceremony to Talor is not unheard of to guard against formal fallacies.


Lastly, as the deity of trade, Talor is often seen as the invisible hand of the economy; the personification of the force making sure that demand and supply drive the price to a reasonable height. Travelling merchants often pray to Talor to ask for favourable prices in the places they venture towards; a common sacrifice to Talor is giving the first of the items you sell in a new market away at only half price. Lastly two merchants that are haggling over a price might ask Talor to look over the process and ensure a win-win situation arises.

Evil versus good

The duality of Talor houses in truth versus falsehood and shared knowledge versus secrets. His angels share knowledge and his deamons hide it. Evil worshippers of Talor see knowledge as power that can easily be bought and sold on the open market or as trade secrets that must be closely guarded to ensure unfair monopolies. Good worshippers of Talor often point out that logic dictates that even with the definitions of good and evil as set forth by Ratish knowledge is needed by a virtues man to ensure that his good deeds don't bring forth accidental suffering; despite good intentions.


The colours often used in rituals and shrines of talor are light blue and white symbolizing the element of air. Books, scrolls and paper are used as symbols of knowledge. Mathematical geometric figures sometimes symbolize logic but that is a rarely used is practice. Owls are used as a symbol both of knowledge and air. Flags, wind chimes, and other things that dingle in the wind symbolize air as well, as well as instruments that produce music with the help of air like flutes or natural whistling.

Talor himself is often depicted as a old wizened male human; wearing a cloak of owl feathers forming an lion like mane around his head. Talor is never depicted without a book, scroll, or other form of written word.

Some example nicknames of Talor are "The all-knowing", "Designer of the gods", "The all-knowing", "The eye in the clouds", "Father of humans" and "Everbreath".

Angels Of Talor

The angels of Talor, the Strigisphinx are, a wise race of half owls half lions which (if large enough) can only be mounted by persons wise enough to think for themselves, instead of following the flock like sheep. Some Strigisphinx have been seen guarding important libraries and universities or advising people of power with knowledge in times of danger or need.

Deamons Of Talor

Air elementals, when summoned, cause Tornadoes and blow away farms and wind mills before leaving a pocket of stench of rot for days. As beings of air they posses many forms and can access almost any building; slipping trough cracks in the walls and hinges. Small air elementals have been known to blow ships awry and to ruin crops. It is said that in the divine realms the stronger amongst the air elementals can blow skin from bones with the sheer force of wind. Mist is also often seen as a magic of the air elementals and it is sometime though of as the form elementals take when trying to hide secrets from mortals.


Main article: Worshippers of Talor .

Worshippers of Talor include: Humans in general, halflings seeking wisdom and truth, lore keepers, trades, sages, air mages, detectives, philosophers and scientists.

Mandate of Talor

Apart from the General mandate of the gods Talor has expressed the following wishes from her followers.

General Talor

  • Acquire knowledge
  • Trust the invisible hand (Free market discussion to follow, which "actions" companies can take are and aren't "legit" in the eyes of general, good and or/evil Talor)

Good Talor

  • Spread knowledge
  • Do not spread falsehood

Evil Talor

  • Hoard knowledge
  • Destroy rare knowledge of others so your own becomes more valuable
  • Sell knowledge
  • Throw things from high or deprive them from air


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