Wilderness Of Heimr

Large regions of Heimr are not yet settled or cultivated. In these wild place the law of nature rules, and the Heimrians who live their submit to their harsh environment. If you look at the official maps of Heimr you will see that most of the land is claimed to be under control of either Asgard , Midgard or one of the Southern Heimrian rulers . In reality, the leaders of these areas have very little influence in the wilderness within their borders. These races are controlled by nature herself, and are protected by the races that live their: the Feyfolk, Nymph, Shanata, Merfolk and Lizardman.

Heimr Forests

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Much of Heimr is covered in dense forests. Within these forests live many different species, including three of the Heimrian races: The feyfolk, nymph and shanata.


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Feyfolk are a race of creatures with no single form. Most are born small and feature wings, but almost all Feyfolk change their appearance and function after only a few years. They live mostly in Midgardian and Asgard forests.


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Nymphs are the beautiful seductive creatures of the forests. They live mostly in the Midgard forest. Their ultimate goal is to find love. Due to this drive nymphs sometimes venture from the forests and so small settlements can be found all across Heimr. Nymphs look like good looking humans. Some have slightly pointed ears and most have a single sharpened canine, usually the left for male and right for females.


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Shanata are the intelligent hunters of the forests. They live all across Heimr inside the forests and jungles. Inside these woods they help the evolution of the flora and fauna by killing the weak so the strong live. Shanata have pointy ears claws and fangs. Most Shanata are covered in fur to keep them warm. They shun all technology that won't be of use to survive. Some tribes count magic among technology.

Aquatics of Heimr

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The planet of Heimr is mostly oceanic. This region is inhabited almost exclusively by the Merfolk in the sea, and the lizardman on the islands. Most of the swamps and marshes of Heimr are also inhabited by Lizardman.


Main article: Lizardman

Lizardman are rare on the main land of Heimr. They live in warmest regions on Heimr and can most commonly be found on the islands surrounding the continent. The look like bipedal lizards, of various sizes from around a meter to 2.5 meters. Because of their territorial nature they tend to be aggressive to outsiders.


Main article: Merfolk

Merfolk are sea dwelling hunter-gatherers that are rarely seen by the rest of the races. They can breath underwater and have a fishlike appearance complete with scales and fins.

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