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Heimr is a high fantasy world. It has three large states (and lots of smaller ones) and 15 races .

Asgard (north) has stoic elves and passionate fae (In short: elves with magic veins). Asgard lives in a strict hierarchy with 5 castes (ruling, thaumathology, diplomates/scribes, worker, and warrior caste). Asgard is at war with the Utgard alliance.

The Utgard alliance (south) has honourable orcs , relaxed trolls , aggressive ogres and collectivist tellurians (In short: a sort of stonemen that live in mountains and work together like ants). Utgard is a very loose alliance and the races in it frequently war with each other and amongst themselves.

Midgard is a state that lies in between Asgard (in the north) and Utgard (in the south). Midgard has industrious humans , cautious halfling (that aren't smaller than humans in this setting, just crouching to crawl into hill-holes), curious gnomes (that aren't small in this setting either) and sinful slemmering (a races of fat, lazy, creatures that can sleep for years). They remain neutral in the Asgard-Utgard war and sell weapons and mercenaries to both sides of the war.

There are also merfolk (in the sea, but some have legs and can walk), feyfolk (shapeshifting forest creatures), shanata (savage wood-elves), nymph (seductive forest creatures) and lizardman (they live in the islands far out to sea and rarely visit the mainland of Heimr.). These races aren't part of the three big states.

There are also 15 gods . One god for every race. (but after a while the gods got mingled and now all the races worship all the gods somewhat). Every god has both an evil and a good side. Every god has an angel race and demon race of servants. So there are 15 types of angels and 15 types of demons. Priest get magic from the gods.

Asgard has lots of mages that program reality trough magic . Utgard has lots of shamans that make deal with magical spirits . Midgard has a bit of both.

The Numen gatherings (the LARP events) are gatherings of disciples (servants of the gods). These gatherings are dangerous because the new and old disciples are tested by the gods on those gatherings. Lots of people come to pray, trade, explore, network or loot at these Numens despite (or maybe because) of the dangers.

  • The current year is 2572 A.T. (OC: 2022) (in the most common Midgardian counting system)
  • Both English ( Northern Trade Language ) and Dutch ( Southern Trade Language ) is spoken
  • A monthly salary is about 300 to 600 copper. 10 copper is 1 silvers. 10 silver is 1 gold.
  • 1 copper is worth about 3 euro. 1 silver about 30 euro. 1 gold about 300 euro.
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